B.E. Well Patch




The B.E. Well Patch benefits the body through NanoBioscience technology aimed at supporting behavioral wellness. The patch base is silicone infused with Titanium Salt and embedded with a proprietary blend of Extremely Low  Electromagnetic Frequency. It applies like a temporary tattoo and is 1.25 inches square.

“I’ve been using Tuning Element’s BE Well patch for over a year now and I’ve noticed amazing results with my little patients.” – Dr. Biljana Uzalec, Ped

They have no medication, herbals or any chemical additives. In testing and studies over the last 3 years, families with children on the Autism Spectrum, as well as those with ADD/ADHD, and Dyslexia saw substantial improvement in their children’s home and school life without side effects.* They can be used in conjunction with prescribed therapy and act as support to that therapy.
Includes 10 patches.
*MD-Medical Data 2018;10(2):0908-102